iTracker 5- OBD II GPS Tracker

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Introducing the “iTracker 5” an OBD II GPS Tracker released by Alert 5 GPS.

The iTracker 5 is the not only the most advanced Alert 5 GPS Tracker it is splendidly simple to install. This OBD II GPS tracker is compact, non-descript, and efficient. This device integrates in our superior fleet gps tracking platform.

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Super Simple Installation:

Installation takes seconds. Plug it into your vehicles OBD ii port and you are ready to track. If your device is disconnected from your vehicle you will receive an alarm/alert notifying you that the tracker has been tampered with.

The Latest of GPS Tracking Technology:

Utilizing the latest advancements in GPS chipsets and cellular modems, this device is compact and powerful.  See the details below for more specific features such as GPS Jamming and engine trouble codes.

iTracker 5 – OBD II GPS Tracker Features:

  • Fully Digital
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Multiple Alert Settings & Diagnostics
  • Vehicle Ignition Status
  • Speed and Idle Reporting
  • Software Free: Internet Portal UI
  • API Interface
  • Malfunction Indicator lamp (engine check light)
  • Geofencing>>>
  • Engine RPM
  • World Wide Coverage
  • 96% North American Population Coverage

Features Coming Soon:

  • Engine load percentage
  • GSM Jamming Detection & reporting
  • Harsh Driving Detection
Feature For Compatible Vehicles:
  • Odometer readings from the vehicle
  • Fuel level indicator from vehicle
  • Coolant temperature from vehicle


Click Below to download our GPS Tracking Overview Paper: [download id = “8”]

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